In 2001 I saw a program called “The Merchants of Cool” ( I found the idea that people were chasing the emerging trends in fashion and music quite exciting.

Years passed.

My girlfriend, meanwhile, would regularly buy recycled clothing from St. Vincent de Paul or ebay, cut it up, and sew it into strange new expressions of style. She was always reading about fashion, and, as such, I was also exposed to it.

Then, at the end of 2004, the film and television post-production company I was working for had a meeting to consider the future of television, and how this might impact on our business. As an editor, I was interested in how generational trends, and trends in technology, might influence my profession and the media industry at large. I noticed during 2005 television was losing viewers to the internet, DVDs, and computer games. Youtube was just emerging. Mobile phones were becoming video capable. Then I discovered Juxtapoz (, a magazine about artists.

As I have an arts background, an interest in media, a career in television, and friends in bands, I decided to bring it all together with the ability to publish from my own computer and broadcast to the world. was born out of the desire to explore what emerging artists, fashionistas, and musos are up to. I decided to make it mobile phone friendly.

Please, let me know if this is of any use to you, and, what you would like to hear from those I interview.

Ben Broad.

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